WestSide Webs
creates unique websites and provides low-cost website hosting and "search engine friendly" marketing work for clients across the country, from Inglewood (California) to Englewood (New Jersey).  And our websites are ranked high for relative searches in the major search engines. Any geek can build a website, but it takes years of marketing and advertising experience to develop an effective sales tool for the internet that people will actually find.

"Westside Webs completely re-built my website, breaking all the rules which my previous webmaster had suggested would make my site successfull. John's new site increased traffic to my site ten fold, and my calls, emails and on line requests for business tripled! Also- everything he promised was delivered, as I am consistently listed on top of the search pages in the major search engines for my business categories!!

Westside Webs is definitely getting mentioned to all my small to medium business clients!"

-- Donald Mink, Don Mink Condominium Management & Consulting
and  Donald Mink Accountancy Corporation

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More than 350 million queries are entered in major search engines every day, making the use of search engines second only to e-mail as the most frequent online activity. Doubleclick, the dominant online advertising company, estimates that 41 percent of consumers who visit a business web site get there by clicking on a link they see on a search engine. There are about 4 Billion web pages on the internet. This means that to acquire new customers through the internet you MUST be placed well in the search engines.